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DNA Testing using unusual samples

DNA SOLUTIONS has been testing a large variety of samples for several years, so you can send us various types of samples and get results for your paternity test quickly and easily.

The cost of testing unusual samples is only Rs XXX more than the cost of a full paternity test.

Commonly used unusual samples are:

DNA Testing
  • A used toothbrush
  • Nasal discharge (i.e. a snotty tissue)
  • Ear wax on a cotton bud (used to clean the ear)
  • A used band-aid

To ensure that the sample is well preserved, place it into a labelled envelope. This allows the sample to dry completely and gives us the maximum opportunity to extract usable DNA.

We can obtain DNA from toothbrushes in around 90% of the cases, and from ear-cotton buds in 99% of the cases. In the unlikely event that we fail to obtain DNA from your unusual sample, we will refund you the full cost of the test, minus the Rs XXX unusual sample fee, if you are unable to send us further samples to test.

Note: If you then choose to send another unusual sample, there will be an additional charge of Rs XXX..